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Asphalt Crack Filling

Rubberized Crack filling

Never underestimate the importance of having a perfectly smooth and clean-looking asphalt driveway. The cost of living in and maintaining your residential property is constantly on the rise, but you can help increase the resale value of your property by employing asphalt care driveway sealing and repairing unsightly cracks. The sooner you do it, the better because untreated cracks often stem from structural issues beneath the ground’s surface and will only lead to more serious and costly repairs later on. Whether you’re dealing with alligator cracks or need some simple patchwork done, a freshly sealed driveway will undoubtedly and inevitably attract more people to your home.


We offer all kinds of extensive asphalt driveway crack sealing services all over Ottawa and Gatineau, including the following:

Acreage Driveway Crack Sealing

By definition, an acreage driveway is the large stretch of pavement that leads up to an estate, mansion, or large home. It’s usually gated and indicates that the residents or property owners are affluent and take good care of their residence. Acreage driveways are essentially like mini-roads and they should be treated as such. They require proper regular maintenance and repairs and certain factors should be taken into account when laying the asphalt for them. It’s important to consider the types of vehicles and the number of vehicles that frequent the grounds, as well as the weather conditions and other elements the driveway contends with on a regular basis.

Residential Parking Lots

The only difference between a residential parking lot and commercial parking lot is that one is a private property whereas the other is available for public use. Of course, they each come with their own set of regulations, but for the most part, their care requirements are the same. Sure-Seal has extended its services to include residential parking lots and we’re excited to get started on sealing asphalt driveway cracks across Ottawa this summer!

Paths and Walkways

Paths and walkways are a great way to add a small touch of scenic serenity to your property, especially if you have a beautiful garden or outdoor space you’d like to enjoy more of during the warmer months. Most pathways are even suitable for bike riding, rollerblading, and jogging. This is a perfect way to meld form and function in your residential outdoor space without breaking the bank.


With our product and service warranty, you can’t go wrong by having us work on your residential or commercial property. For more information on our company and our services, please call us at 613-606-2808 or by email


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