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Organic Fertilization

It is important to care of your lawn. By organic lawn care we mean the use of natural products with blend of proper lawn care techniques in order to maintain a healthy lawn that is free from weeds and other disease that might damage delicate flowers in your garden.

Consider the soil on which you grow plants as a living thing. This soil has millions and billions of microbes living in it and they feed on organic nutrients that are provided to the grass. With an increase in the amount of organic fertilizer provided to the soil, it will increase the amount of microbes and ultimately nutrients that it produces. As a result, your lawn will be nourished with healthy grass, flowers and plants.

When you provide the soil with some quality organic lawn fertilizer, it will provide healthy microbe population that ensures healthy growth of plants in your lawn. Organic lawn fertilizers are essential for your lawn, because the environment we live in is full of parasites, pollution, etc. that harm the microbes living in the soil. So, in order to maintain a fresh and healthy soil, you need organic lawn fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers come from natural plant, animal and mineral sources. Once these products are applied to the lawn, soil microorganisms break down the nutrients into a form that plants can then absorb. Organic fertilizers release nutrients slowly as plants need them.


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