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If you look outside at your lawn right now and see areas of little or no grass, and you’re just hoping that grass somehow fills in, you are most likely going to be sadly disappointed.

More often than not, weeds beat grass to the bare spots. Other plants — dandelions, plantain, chickweed, crabgrass and quackgrass, etc. — all set seeds that can persist in the soil and germinate when the conditions are right.

Because we are constantly mowing our lawns, we don’t let grass mature enough to get to the stage of seed. This leaves the grass with little to no competitive chance. The only way grass can fill in a bare area is through the spreading of underground roots known as rhizomes or over the ground runners known as stolons.

To help your grass compete, you should always overseed in the early spring in order to beat the weeds and allow your grass a chance to populate the bare spots before the weeds do.

By keeping a lush healthy turf, your lawn will naturally become a weed resistant environment.


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